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CVS Health is proud of the meaningful impact the Charity Classic has had over the last 23 years.  Since its inception, we’ve donated more than $25 million to charities across our home states of Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut that support children and families in the communities we serve. 


While we have had to transition away from large in-person events over the last couple of years, our commitment to our local communities has been unwavering.   That’s why, at the end of last year, we introduced the CVS Health Foundation Hometown Fund to replace the Charity Classic,  while maintaining the same mission to support non-profit organizations in our home states of Rhode Island and Connecticut as well as nearby Massachusetts


Through $2 million in grants annually, the Hometown Fund will support organizations that are providing access to health care, education and social services to the children and families who need them most. To learn more about this new initiative, please click here.



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