Three Great Events.

One Classic.




2019 CVS Health Charity Classic Volunteer Committees



Admissions Volunteers are responsible for staffing the ticket booth and assisting in collecting tickets to ensure that all spectators have the proper tickets for entry.


Bike Corral

Bike Corral Volunteers are responsible for checking-in and checking-out bicycles that spectators ride to the event. Bikes are contained in a designated bicycle area.



Carts Committee Volunteers manage the Cart Area and control the charging, distribution, and collection of carts to authorized personnel.


Crave RI

Volunteers assist with the Crave RI food festival at the Dunkin' Donuts Center in Providence, RI. Volunteers assist with the check-in process, help direct attendees within the venue, and answer any questions.



The Credential Committee is responsible for packing and distributing Sponsor credential packages.



Ecology Volunteers are responsible for setting up trash collection points and collecting and removing trash around Rhode Island Country Club.



The annual dinner gala takes place after the tournament on Monday, June 25 at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence. Volunteers will assist with set up and distribution of silent auction items, as well as other tasks throughout the night. Formal dress is required.


Guest Services

The Guest Services Committee assists with transportation of spectators and sponsors to designated locations around Rhode Island Country Club.



Hospitality Committee Volunteer duties include checking that guests have the proper credentials for entry and crowd management within the hospitality suites.



Marshals ensure fair play among all participants as well as safety for spectators, and are stationed at locations throughout the course. Focus is on the tees, landing areas, greens and spectator crosswalks.


Media & Outings

The Media & Outings Committee assists with registration at the amateur golf outings. Volunteers also assist Tournament Staff with the general operations of the Media Center and promotion of the Tournament.


On Course Scoring

On Course Scorer Volunteers walk with groups to report on-course scores to Scoring Central. This Committee is also responsible for updating the manual leaderboards through the course. Training is provided, however, substantial golf knowledge is necessary.



The Parking Committee is responsible for ensuring organized entry and exit of patrons in the main parking lot and onto shuttle buses.


Programs & Pairings

Volunteers assist in distributing fan guides and daily pairings sheets to designated locations around Rhode Island Country Club.


Satellite Parking

The Satellite Parking Committee is responsible for ensuring organized entry and exit of patrons in satellite parking lots.


Standard Bearers

Volunteers are responsible for carrying a standard (with the names and scores for each professional) on the course for an entire round. Volunteers should be at least 13 years old and able to walk 18 holes of golf while carrying the standard.


Scoring Central

Scoring Central Volunteers are responsible for obtaining the scores from walking scorers via radio and entering them into the computer system for the electronic scoreboard.



Transportation Volunteers are responsible for transporting players, staff and VIPs to various locations. Volunteers may perform miscellaneous deliveries and errands. A copy of your license is required.


Uniform Distribution

Volunteers assist in distributing shirts, hats, bags, pictures, etc., to Volunteers. Date TBD.


Volunteer Services

Volunteers are responsible for staffing the Volunteer Headquarters, handling uniform distribution and maintaining a comfortable working environment for the Volunteers.


Supply Distribution

The Water Distribution Committee is responsible for distribution of water and ice to various locations around Rhode Island Country Club.


Women's Leadership Summit

Volunteers assist Tournament staff with registration as well as set-up of the Women's Leadership Summit at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, RI.



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